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Review: Finding Sarah by Sarah Ferguson

Title: Finding Sarah
Author:  Sarah Ferguson
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Atria
Publish Date: June 2011
Source: Library

Why You're Reading This Book:
  • You're a royal watcher.
  • You like self-help books.
What's the Story?:

From "Finding Sarah is an extraordinarily personal memoir by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. As she spends time with Dr. Phil McGraw, she gains a new understanding of her relationship with herself and with others. Suze Orman helps Sarah unravel the poisonous money issues she suffers from. Martha Beck teaches her how let go of her negative self-image. Many other friends and experts populate these pages and you will meet them all. Sarah's journey, in so many ways, is everyone's journey and as she shares her story with us she also shares the advice and wisdom she benefited from along the way. Her struggles with adversity have taught her that life's lows can become a source of strength and courage. She knows, first hand, what it means to feel lost and she also knows that it is never too late to find your way back, to attain your goal, to take back control of your life and to make a special dream come true. 

Through intimate diary excerpts and personal emails from friends and family, Sarah opens herself unsparingly. On every page of this book you will hear from Sarah's friends and guides, her "real-life angels," as they help her get to the root of her problems—from comfort eating to self-loathing, from reckless over-spending to notorious mishaps. You will learn from them, as she did. In this way, Sarah hopes not only to talk to you as a friend but to inspire you, through her own experiences, to look closely at your own life and where you wish to improve it, then to encourage you to follow your instincts and find your true path. Sarah Ferguson did, and so can you."

My Two Cents:

I eat up just about any book about the British Royals. Even though Sarah Ferguson is technically no longer royalty, she's always sort of been a fascinating person to me. She seems to have really bad luck when it comes to getting into bad or embarrassing situations. This latest book comes after the fall out surrounding her allegedly (she denies this throughout the book) taking a bribe to give someone access to her former husband, Prince Andrew.

This book is also sort of a self-help book, a genre that I'm not usually a fan of. Of course after the fall out from the bribe issue, Oprah stepped in and gave Sarah access to all of her "gurus," Dr. Phil and Suze Orman, etc. The book covers a lot of what she discovered with these people. I'm not a huge fan of any of them. Add that to the fact that I'm not a self-help fan and this book was just really not for me.

I was hoping to hear more about Sarah's life. You do get a glimpse of that but not much of one. This book was just okay for me.




  1. I love reading about the royals as well. I can understand why this one wouldn't be for you, I don't think I would be able to enjoy it either.

    1. I guess I was expecting it to be less self-help-ish!

  2. Did you watch the TV show based on this? It was on Oprah's network. I liked it better because it was watching her, talking about it, her daughters are interviewed some. I liked the show/documentary version.

  3. Sometimes celebrity books are so misleading! You think you're going to get a deeper look into a life, but it just turns out to be a platform for some other issue, in this case self-help.

    1. Yeah, I was really hoping for more of a tell-all sort of book!

  4. I tend to like celebrity memoirs and I do like some self-help books, but I'm not thrilled with the combination. I'm surprised she is denying that issue... after the thing with her on oprah and watching the video, I thought it was common knowledge (with her acknowledgement) that that DID happen!

    1. She basically tried to explain what she thought she was doing, which, of course, was way different than what it looked like.

  5. I gobble up royalty books too. It's too bad this wasn't better. Sarah seems rather crazy but fascinating. Too bad this book doesn't give you a better idea of her.

    1. A long time ago, I read another one of her books that was more like an auto-biography and liked that one a lot better.


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