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HF Virtual Book Tour and G!ve@way: Interview with Sandra Byrd

Today, I'm very happy to welcome Sandra Byrd, author of The Secret Keeper, here to A Bookish Affair.

1. In The Secret Keeper, there is an element of magic or the paranormal. How did you decide to include Juliana's power in the story?

Since we are all three-dimensional: body, mind, and spirit, I wanted to include an angle that more overtly recognized that. There was a real woman at the court and in the book, Anne Calthorpe, Countess of Sussex, who seemed to have a prophetic gift and was at the court when Parr was queen. Women have traditionally had very active prophetic gifts, something that has largely been overlooked. I wanted to bring that forward in a book wherein women were actively using their intellectual and spiritual gifts as well as whatever power they had at hand. I also thought made for a fun story value - seeing if and how her prophetic visions would come to pass!

2. Kateryn Parr hasn't been covered all that much in historical fiction. Why do you think this is? What drew you to writing about her?

She's so often overlooked as a somewhat mild nursemaid to Henry's oozing leg, a quietly learned woman who "survives." And I think that sometimes people believe that all of the heavy dramatic action died when Henry did - but that's not true. I found Parr to be warm, witty, and wonderful. She was a warm and loving wife and stepmother, a generous emotional and financial benefactress, a learned and devout woman whose extraordinary books sold tens of thousands of copies and went back for many printings. She was also a beautiful woman who had a blind spot for a bad boy, and that got her into a heap of trouble. I would have liked her as a friend.

3. What's the most difficult thing about writing historical fiction?

The audience is so varied. Some people want as many of the familiar characters in the book as possible so the court seems robust and they can revisit with "old friends." Some people are confused by many names and changing titles. Some readers enjoy the use of some sixteenth century language, while some don't like it at all. It can be difficult to please everyone, and you find a variety of opinions on almost every work. I try to make everyone happy, and tell a good story, and keep historically accurate. Sometimes it's difficult to do all three at once.

4. What is the last great book you read and why did you enjoy it?

Right now I'm reading, Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch by Sally Bedell Smith. It's been great fun to see what has - and what hasn't - changed for a queen regnant in the past 400+ years!

5. If you could bring three fictional characters with you to a deserted island, who would you bring?

The three women whose points of view my Tudor-set Ladies in Waiting books have been told from, because we've become such great friends through the pages. I hope the readers of my books will become great friends through the pages with them, too!


I'm pleased to be able to give away one copy of The Secret Keeper to a US/CAN reader of ABA!

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  1. Thanks for a great interview. Sad about the restrictions on the giveaway though!

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  9. Thank you so much for hosting me and my book on your blog. I truly appreciate it!

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  11. I have just finished on book on Tudor Historical fiction and I am really, realy hooked. Kathryn Parr is one that I don't known much about. Thank you for the chance.


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    griperang at embarqmail dot com

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