Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Literary Locale: The Time I Met David McCullough

Okay, so I almost met David McCullough. For those of you not in the know, this is David McCullough:

He's a historian that writes fabulous books. My favorite is probably Truman.

So how did I almost get to meet this great author? Well, my husband is an architect and a couple weeks ago, there was a huge architecture convention right here in DC. My husband told me that Mr. McCullough was going to be speaking so, of course, I invited myself to go see him speak! I braved architects He gave a great speech and afterwards, he was signing copies of his books (the ones that had something to do with architecture). The line was huge!

We waited for about a half-hour and we knew that Mr. McCullough only had a certain amount of time. We kept checking our watches and watched as the magic minute drew closer. And unfortunately, he stopped signing books about 5 people before we got to the front of the line. So close!!!! I was so sad!

Next time, Mr. McCullough, next time!

Where are you reading this week?


  1. I love David McCullough, his books are wonderful. That is amazing that you got so close to meeting him and you got to hear his speech, I am jealous!

    1. It was awesome. He mostly talked about his latest book and some of the architecture in it. It's set in Paris. After hearing him talk about it, I was so ready to hop on a plane!

  2. That must have been SOOO disappointing!

    1. Yeah, I was pretty bummed. It was still cool to see him though!


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