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HF Virtual Book Tours Review and Giveaway: Sinners and the Sea by Rebecca Kanner

Title: Sinners and the Sea
Author: Rebecca Kanner
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Howard Books
Publish Date: April 2, 2013
Source: HF Virtual Book Tours

What's the Story?:

From "Cursed with a birthmark that many think is the brand of a demon, the young heroine in The Sinners and the Sea is deprived even of a name for fear that it would make it easier for people to spread lies about her. But this virtuous woman has the perfect voice to make one of the Old Testament’s stories live anew.

Desperate to keep her safe, the woman’s father gives her to the righteous Noah, who weds her and takes her to the town of Sorum, a land of outcasts. Noah, a 600-year-old paragon of virtue, rises to the role of preacher to a town full of sinners. Alone in her new life, Noah’s wife gives him three sons, but is faced with the hardship of living with an aloof husband who speaks more to God than with her. She tries to make friends with the violent and dissolute people of Sorum while raising a brood that, despite a pious upbringing, have developed some sinful tendencies of their own. But her trials are nothing compared to what awaits her after God tells her husband that a flood is coming—and that Noah and his family must build an ark so that they alone can repopulate the world."

My Two Cents:

"Sinners and the Sea" is a historical fiction book about the wife of Noah as in the Noah from the story of the great flood in the Bible. I was interested in reading this book because I thought that it would be really interesting to read something from the perspective of someone like Noah's wife who witnessed so much. I was most definitely not disappointed in this book! It will appeal to those who like their historical fiction off the beaten path with really memorable characters.

The book is told from the perspective of Noah's unnamed wife, which I absolutely loved. She had a very interesting life both before and after she is married to Noah and by hearing the story from her point of view, you really get pulled into the story. If you'll recall from your biblical knowledge, the world was a pretty ugly place filled with horrible things before the flood. Kanner shows us through Noah's wife just how bad things were.

The writing of this book was really good. I have to imagine that this was a really difficult subject to write about. I feel that anytime an author tries to tackle any biblical story, they might have a difficult time of it but the way Kanner treats her subjects and the way that she adds detail in this book really was a great treatment of this story! Overall, I really enjoyed this book and know that Noah's wife is one character that I will be thinking about for a long time to come!


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  1. What an interesting idea, the story being from Noah's wife's perspective.

  2. Interesting post. I agree it would be hard for an author to write a fictional biblical story. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. Fascinating and intriguing. thanks. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. With the recent release of the movie Noah I can see this book receiving some renewed interest. I hope that's true, it sounds like a very unusual and interesting treatment of a familiar story. Thanks.

  5. Great post - it definitely piqued my interest to read this book. Should be a great new perspective from the viewpoint of Noah's wife.

  6. I've seen this one around. I love the cover and the story is definitely one I want to read!


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