Tuesday, May 27, 2014

#ArmchairBEA2014 Day 2: Author Interaction

One of my favorite things about book blogging is how many more bookish events I go to now! I never had been to a signing before I started book blogging actually. Now I have been to countless signings and have met so many amazing people. I don't know why I didn't start going before. Here are some of my highlights:

Last weekend, I got to take a selfie with Anthony Marra, author of "A Constellation of Vital Phenomena"

I've met and gotten books signed by Isabel Allende!

I've met and have become friends with Frances Park (and her lovely sister, Ginger). They are authors and they own a chocolate shop. They are truly living the dream!

I've had dessert with authors at places like the Historical Novel Society conference. I believe this was the night where I happened to be sitting at the table with Margaret George and I was so nervous that I couldn't speak to her!

I've had the opportunity to meet so many authors and get so many books signed, which has the magical power to make amazing books even more amazing. I've had authors write really nice things and some have written really hilarious things (ahem, Kate Quinn), and I've had authors draw pictures for me (Anthony Marra again). Reading is fun but when you get all of these other things along with it, it makes things even more fun! 

What sort of author interactions have you had?


  1. That's really cool that you met Anthony Marra! I read his book last year and absolutely loved it. Looks like you went to some awesome author events :)

    Day 2 @ my blog

  2. Hi, Meg!

    You're lucky! You know what's crazy? I have been doing this for a decade, and I love books more than anyone I know, and yet I've NEVER been to an actual book event. Not BEA, not Printer's Row (which is super close) not the LA Festival of Books, which I used to live really close to... and none of the other signings, fests, fairs, and whatnots that pop-up. I don't know why! I'll have to start going soon... I'm not a big fan of crowds and such, which is part of the problem. If only I could just have private meetings with all my favorite authors, ya know? :)

    Enjoy Armchair BEA week!

  3. Anthony Marra! Amazing! You've been to some terrific events. I'd love to attend more events, but we don't get many authors visiting where I live, even though it's a major US city (Atlanta). Happy ABEA!

  4. Those are some cool interactions for sure!!

  5. Great interactions. I enjoyed your pics. It is cute that you were so nervous at the dessert table that you couldn't speak to the author. :)

  6. Wow, cool interactions! I've never been to a book signing, reading, or other book event, even though I've been an avid reader all my adult life. I didn't even know what BEA was until a few weeks ago! I'm very new at blogging, so maybe joining the blog world will bring me to attend some of these great bookish events. (Leila at Readers' Oasis, http://www.leilarice.blogspot.com)

  7. I love love love getting signed books but i so don't have the guts to go to a signing. I get so nervous around famous people :) Thankfully I've managed to win some signed ones to fuel my obsession.

    Great post, love the pictures! Hope you are enjoying Armchair BEA!


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