Monday, July 23, 2012

Odds and Ends: An Update in the Life of a Book Blogger (2)

Guys, look at the picture below. Notice anything?

That's right! I have an official book blurb! If you missed my Facebook announcement last week, a quote from my review of Richard Due's The Moon Coin appears in the printed version of the book. I am really, really, really excited. I loved this book and am very excited that my quote was included in the book.

I also have a couple of other bookish endeavors in the works that I'm excited about but you all will have to wait to hear about it later.

Other than that, I just feel like I've been really busy lately. Work has been crazy. The great move from the city back to suburbia is beginning to loom over us. In August, we will be leaving the District for the wide open spaces of Suburbia (Suburbatory? I don't know). The thought of packing is making me le sad (does anyone really like packing? really?).

This picture sort of explains how I feel. I have so much to do and all I really want is a nap (and perhaps an umbrella drink but mostly a nap). Unlike this cute little kitty, naps are sort of frowned upon when there is a to-do list leering at me.

My mind and heart have been really heavy with everything that has been going on in Colorado. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before but most of my family is in Colorado. Both of my parents were raised there. One of my sisters and I were born there and we still visit a ton. I have a ton of family in the Denver area and some cousins about to move to the Aurora area. This whole situation really hit close to home for me. I'm sending my thoughts to all of those affected. This is definitely one of those situations where after you hear about it, you're incredibly happy to hug your loved ones close and to cry for the ones that can't do that.

How is everything in your corner of the world?


  1. Hi Meg,

    Snap! Here at Fiction Books, I have just discovered that my name also appears in the official blurb of 'The Moon Coin'.

    I hope you don't think that I am being cheeky, but I had also planned to give it a mention in a post very soon, you just beat me to it. Will you be upset or offended if I still go ahead with the post?

    We obviously only get soundbites of your US news over here in the UK, but I think that I can speak for the majority, when I say that the enormity of the loss and sadness is also felt by everyone here. All the affected people, together with their families and friends, are in our thoughts.

    Good luck with the move, it is always so stressful, no matter how organised you think you are!!


    1. Oh my gosh, of course you can mention it!!! There are a ton of great bloggers and blogs mentioned in the book!

      Thank you for your kind thoughts! It's been so hard watching everything unfold... :/

  2. Congrats on your blurb -- that's awesome! Seeing your mention in print must be very exciting. Well done.

    Thinking about everyone in Colorado, too -- so sad and senseless.

    1. I've really been having a hard time with watching everything unfold in Colorado. It's so scary!

  3. Congrats! Now I have to read The Moon Coin!

  4. Wow!! A Blurb! I'm excited for you. It's one of my dreams to have a book blurb!

  5. Replies
    1. Admittedly I had to buy a copy of the book. (I had originally read it in ebook form)

  6. Wow! How exciting it that?! A book blurb! Congrats!


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