Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review: A Soul Less Broken by Helen Laibach

Title: A Soul Less Broken
Author: Helen Laibach
Publisher: Wheatmark
Publish Date: September 1, 2010
Source: I received an ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Why You're Reading This Book:

  • You aren't afraid of books that hit heavy topics.
  • You like stories of friendship.
What's the Story?:

From "After being brutally attacked, Catherine Wilcox must discover her own inner strength and courage as she struggles to piece her life back together. She finds herself falling in love with the emergency room physician who treats her, but soon realizes the attack has left her so emotionally scarred that she must turn away the only man who truly loves her. And at a time when she feels her life is finally beginning to heal, Catherine must then face the devastation of learning that her dearest friend has terminal cancer. In A Soul Less Broken we follow Catherine as she discovers the depth of true friendship, the healing power of love, and the stamina of the human spirit."

My Two Cents:

This is the sort of book that makes you thankful for good friends and thankful that your friends are alright. It's also the kind of book that makes you thankful for what you have. This book covers two very hard subjects: rape and cancer. It also covers how important love and friendship are to getting us through the tough things in life. Sometimes you just need a good friend to show you that everything will (eventually) be okay again and we all know that sometimes you need that person to step in and show you that fact. 

Cat has already been through a lot. She is attacked one night outside of the library where she's studying at. Obviously afterward, she is terrified and isn't sure how she's going to get through that experience. Then fate steps in and two people step into her life; one will be a lover and another will be an irreplaceable friend.

As sad as this book was, I did like it a lot. The characters were likeable. I felt extremely bad for Cat. She had to go through so much. One thing that I didn't care for is how quickly Alan fell for Cat. She's messed up and in the hospital and he falls in love with her instantly and believes that she's his soul-mate. It just seemed sort of unbelievable. Part of it could be that I personally don't believe that a person could fall in love by just seeing them. In a way, it is sort of sweet how much Alan cares for Cat right off the bat. The friendship between Cat and Maddie is really sweet though. Everyone should be so lucky to have such an amazing friendship. 

Bottom line: This is a good story about friendship.

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