Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blog Tour: The Next 15 Minutes by Kim Kircher

Title: The Next 15 Minutes
Author: Kim Kircher
Publisher: Behler Publications
Publish Date: October 1, 2011
Source: Received a copy from Media Muscle as a part of the blog tour (this did not affect my review).

Why You're Reading This Book:

  • You like stories about overcoming obstacles.
  • You like reading about strong characters.
  • You enjoy memoirs.
What's the Story?:

From "Kim Kircher's husband's illness wasn't something she could blow up as she had done countless times on the ski slopes during avalanche control. Instead, Kim faced the biggest double black diamond ski run of her life as she listened to the doctors put her husband on the transplant list while he fought bile duct cancer.

The Next 15 Minutes is Kim's high octane story of how she drew strength from her life among the ski slopes and of the daring world that showed her how to survive and fight back.
Kim Kircher has been an EMT with avalanche control at Crystal Mountain, Washington, for twenty years."

My Two Cents:

Kim Kircher is tough by definition. As a ski patroller, she had been in a lot of really tough situations before. She did things like set explosions to protect the slopes from avalanches. She helped people who were hurt without batting an eye. Through it all, she had her husband by her side as he also spent a lot of time managing and maintaining the slopes. Their world comes crumbling down when John is diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer is a horribly scary world. With as tough as Kim and John are, they are absolutely terrified about what might happen. Kim feels like she needs to be the strong one. She goes with what she knows: the lessons that she learned on the slopes. One thing that she looks to (and the lesson that I'm going to try to practice in my own life) is living your life 15 minutes at a time, which means not getting stuck on the future what ifs. I know that I personally have a tough time with not looking too far ahead.

This book is about holding onto what you know when faced with tough situations. This is a great read for anyone who needs a pick-me-up or just a book to show you how much power you can have over how you deal with things!

Bottom line: This is a great story about overcoming!


  1. I have never seen this book before, it sounds really good. I would be interested in reading about her job as a ski patroller, I no abslolutely nothing about it.

  2. @Anne Hey Anne! Ski patrolling is a unique lifestyle. I spend my days on the slopes, skiing, responding to injuries and even controlling avalanches. Hope you like the book!


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