Sunday, November 2, 2014

Odds and Ends: A Walk in the Woods

Fall is officially here in my neck of the woods. The chilly air made it abundantly clear this weekend. Today was cold but super sunny and super gorgeous. I was happy to have found a little time to get outside with the husband. We have the luck of living very close to one of the entrances of the C&O canal. It's a flat path so while it may not be that strenuous, it makes for a nice walk with plenty of opportunities for leaf peeping.

Soooo chilly!

The C&O canal runs right along the Potomac River, which is always so much prettier in the fall than in any other time of the year (in my own humble opinion anyhow).

The leaves are still just starting to turn here, while just a little further north, the colors seem to be in much fuller bloom. I have a feeling that after how cold it has been this weekend, fall will be coming to a peak quickly!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. What is this chilly "Fall" you speak of... gets nippy here too during the winter months....although we do skip winter for the most part. =)

    The color burst of leaves turning in the fall is quite a sight to see though...which we don't get much of here.

  2. How fun to live so close to the C&O Canal! That would almost tempt me to get out and walk . . . well, almost. :)


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