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HF Virtual Book Tours Review: The Tiger Queens by Stephanie Thornton

Title: The Tiger Queens
Author: Stephanie Thornton
Format: Paperback
Publisher: NAL Trade
Publish Date: November 4, 2014
Source: HF Virtual Book Tours

What's the Story?:

From "After her mother foretells an ominous future for her, gifted Borte becomes an outsider within her clan. When she seeks comfort in the arms of aristocratic traveler Jamuka, she discovers he is the blood brother of Temujin, the man who agreed to marry her and then abandoned her long before they could wed.

Temujin will return and make Borte his queen, yet it will take many women to safeguard his fragile new kingdom. Their daughter, the fierce Alaqai, will ride and shoot an arrow as well as any man. Fatima, an elegant Persian captive, will transform her desire for revenge into an unbreakable loyalty. And Sorkhokhtani, a demure widow, will position her sons to inherit the empire when it begins to fracture from within.

In a world lit by fire and ruled by the sword, the tiger queens of Genghis Khan come to depend on one another as they fight and love, scheme and sacrifice, all for the good of their family...and the greatness of the People of the Felt Walls."

My Two Cents:

In "The Tiger Queens," we meet four amazing women who narrate this book: Borte, Alaqai, Fatima and Sorkhokhtani. Each woman is fascinating in her own right and each are quite different. The book takes place during the time of Genghis Khan, a man who has ignited the imaginations of many a history lover with the stories of his brutality and exploits. There is a good reason that so many people are interested in him today. After reading Stephanie Thornton's "The Secret History" and "Daughter of the Gods," I was incredibly excited to get my hands on this book.

I had not read any fiction about the Mongols before, only non-fiction and the non-fiction mostly focused on Genghis Khan. Because of that, I was very happy to tread new ground with this book. Thornton does an amazing job of vividly creating the world of the women narrators and Genghis Khan. There is a ton of great detail in this book and the world building was probably one of my favorite parts of this book. 

I really liked that the author chose to make the women associated with Genghis Khan the stars of this book. It would have been really easy to write a historical fiction book about Genghis Khan and his legacy by himself but by narrating through the women characters, a really amazing depth was created throughout the book. If you want to see some strong characters, this book has a ton of them.

Overall, this was a great historical fiction. I loved the characters and know that I am going to be thinking about them for a long time to come! If you're looking for great historical detail and a fantastic story set in a fascinating locale, this would be a great pick!

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  1. I've seen this one around and it sounds like something I would enjoy. I'm glad to see you gave it a good review. I'll be adding it to my list!


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