Sunday, September 22, 2013

Movie Review: Brainwave

What's the Story:

Pairing actors, musicians, comedians, composers, filmmakers, choreographers, artists, and authors with leading neuroscientists in discussions of the human mind, the engaging documentary, BRAINWAVE makes its DVD debut from Athena on Sept. 17, 2013. Never before broadcast, the program features wide ranging discussions on the topic of happiness, anger, fear, and dreams with participants including  superstar chef Mario Batali, author R.L. Stine (Goosebumps series), Oscar® nominee Debra Winger, comedian Lewis Black, and influential punk rocker Henry Rollins.

My Two Cents:

I really wanted to watch this documentary because I was intrigued by the match up between the arts (your actors, musicians, comedians) and the neuroscientists. It's not a normal pairing but I definitely thought that it would be interesting and I was definitely right! Human emotions and the human mind are endlessly fascinating to me. This documentary is so interesting! 

Each episode covers a different subject and features different people. For all of my fellow book lovers, many of the episodes feature various books that the people speaking had written. There were so many awesome books. Let me just tell you that my TBR definitely grew a little more as I watched all of these episodes. My favorite episode starred Lewis Black, the comedian, who I find absolutely hilarious. He was talking to a doctor who specializes in anger management, which if you are familiar with Lewis Black's comedy, that is an incredibly funny pairing right there. 

The downside to this documentary is that it was a filmed lecture so some of the camera work was not great. There were really weird places where the people were discussing Powerpoint presentations on a big screen but the camera was focused on the people instead of the screen. This was a little bit annoying  because I couldn't really follow the conversation.

Overall, this is a great documentary!




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