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HF Tours Review: Marching with Caesar-Anthony and Cleopatra: Part II-Cleopatra by R.W. Peake

Title: Marching with Caesar-Anthony and Cleopatra: Part II-Cleopatra
Author: R.W. Peake
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Self-published
Publish Date: April 2, 2013
Source: HF Virtual Book Tours

Why You're Reading This Book:

  • You're a historical fiction fan.
  • You like a lot of action.
What's the Story?:

From "In the fourth book of the critically acclaimed Marching With Caesar series,
Titus Pullus and his 10th Legion are still in the thick of the maelstrom that follows after the assassination of Gaius Julius Caesar. With the disastrous campaign in Parthia behind them, Mark Antony continues his struggle with Octavian, both men vying for ultimate control of Rome. Enter Cleopatra VII, the Pharaoh of Egypt and mother of Julius Caesar's son, who harbors ambitions and dreams of her own. Through her son Caesarion, Cleopatra is a powerful player in her own right in the continuing drama being played out for control of the most powerful society on Earth. With Cleopatra combining forces with Mark Antony, Octavian, the legitimate heir to Caesar's fortune is facing the most formidable barrier to his ascendancy yet. Through it all, Titus Pullus and his men must tread a very careful path as the two forces head for an inevitable showdown at a place called Actium.

My Two Cents:

This book, "Marching with Caesar - Anthony and Cleopatra: Part II - Cleopatra" is the fourth book in R.W. Peake's epic series on Ancient Rome. This book can be read as a stand-alone book. This book was really fascinating to me as it covers Titus Pullus and his military campaigns. This book covers Cleopatra (oh how I absolutely love to read about her) and Marcus Antonius (another fascinating historical character).

I liked the characters in this book. Titus Pullus was really interesting. Most of the book is made up of the different things that he witnesses while on the military campaign. I really liked that we get a firsthand look at how the Roman military moved and conducted their work. It always amazes me how much ground they were able to cover so long ago! I also really liked the appearance of Cleopatra. I especially liked seeing how the Romans viewed her.

Overall, I really liked this story. It was fascinating It's been awhile since I've read anything set in Ancient Roman times and when I read books like this, it reminds me that I really need to seek out more books set during this time. While I enjoyed the story, there were many parts of the book that seemed very modern to me, especially with regard to how the characters in the story spoke. It took me out of the story a little bit. There is a lot of good detail in this book and it will definitely be a good treat for historical fiction lovers who like a lot of action.

Overall, this is a good story!

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