Wednesday, September 12, 2012

BBAW 2012 Day 3: What Does Book Blogging Mean to You?

I've been at this book blogging this for about the past year and a half. It's been an awesome adventure.

Here's a list of some of the doors that blogging has opened for me:

  • Virtually meeting some really cool book bloggers.
  • Meeting some really cool authors IRL
  • Reading awesome books
  • Getting to participate in all sorts of book tours. 
  • Learning about the book business (oh man, it's so much different than I thought it was). 
All of this stuff is still really cool to me; however, the thing that probably means the most to me is finding other bookish bloggers like me out there. I don't have a lot of friends IRL that read a lot and of those that read, I don't have any friends that read as much as I do. But there are book bloggers that do! I've found kindred spirits out there in the great wide world of the interwebz! 

Knowing that there are other people who share my bookish obsessions and a love of reading makes the world feel like a little bit better of a place.

What has book bloggin meant to you?


  1. I concur with Ritz :) And I so agree with your reasons for loving book blogging!

  2. Finding kindred spirits is definitely one of the best things about book blogging! Before I discovered the community, I was forced to try and persuade "real life" friends to read books and discuss them with me... with some decidedly mixed results. Things are much better now! :)

  3. Trying (and failing) to persuade my "real life" friends to read great books was what led me to book blogging. It's been wonderful to meet other folks just as nuts over books as I!

    The Relentless Reader

  4. Book blogging is an outlet for me to explore and discuss the books I am reading. It is a way to find out about other great books, and it has opened up a world I didn't know existed. I am surprised but pleased to have made some friendships through blogging! I also am at a career change from teacher to who knows, so book blogging is allowing me to do something I enjoy!

    I'm still very new to book blogging, having started only in July, so I'm still warming up!

  5. There is something wonderful about finding a group of people who share our obsession with books, isn't there? I love it!

  6. I love to blog too... and to find people who love it enough to make the time to get on the internet and make posts about it is wonderful!!

  7. I'm really glad that book blogging helps people understand the publishing industry, because it really isn't as simple as it seems!

  8. Long story short. What I like about blogging is:
    * I tend to read more analytically when I know I'm supposed to write something about the book later on.
    * I learn to write better reviews by reading good texts written by other bloggers.
    * By reading other blogs that I've found, I get to learn what factors make some people like books that I wasn't particularly fond of.

  9. We "are" kindred me blogging is all about the wonderful bloggers who make it happen.

    Stop by to see my post if you like.

    Have a fun day.

    Silver's Reviews

  10. It's so wonderful to find fellow readers and have our lives enriched by what they read, their thoughts on what they've read, and the discussions that follow. Thanks for visiting me this week and leaving lovely comments. It's nice to know of you and your blog.


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