Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Authors, Are You Looking for a Book Tour?

I came across this opportunity on Twitter and thought I would share it with some of my author friends! As you may know, I've been participating in quite a few book blog tours for TLC Book Tours since I started A Bookish Affair. I think they're a great tour company. They're good to their authors and their bloggers! I'm envious of their supernatural organization skills.

Now, they're giving away a 10 stop tour to the debut author (must be traditionally published) that can convince them why they need this tour the most. It's a very cool contest! Check it out here!

(Note: I'm posting this contest out of my own volition because I think it's good information :) )


  1. Meg! Oh my gosh, thank you! Can I give you a virtual hug?? {Meg} We think you're amazing!!


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