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HF Tours Review: A Tainted Dawn: The Great War by B.N. Peacock

Title: A Tainted Dawn: The Great War
Author: B.N. Peacock
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Fireship Press
Publish Date: March 1, 2012
Source: HF Virtual Tours

Why You're Reading This Book:

  • You're a historical fiction fan
What's the Story?:

From "August 1789. The Rights of Man. Liberty. Equality. Idealism. Patriotism. A new age dawns. And yet, old hostilities persist: England and Spain are on the brink of war. France, allied by treaty with Spain, readies her warships. Three youths - the son of an English carpenter, the son of a naval captain, and the son of a French court tailor - meet in London, a chance encounter that entwines their lives ever after. The English boys find themselves on the same frigate bound for the Caribbean. The Frenchman sails to Trinidad, where he meets an even more zealous Spanish revolutionary. As diplomats in Europe race to avoid conflict, war threatens to explode in the Caribbean, with the three youths pitted against each other. Will the dawn of the boys' young manhood remain bright with hope? Or will it become tainted with their countrymen's spilled blood? ..".compelling characters and an exciting plot... Much like the Hornblower series, A Tainted Dawn demands sequels. Let's hope B. N. Peacock is already hard at work on the next volume " Former U. S. Naval Officer Carl Jensen, Ph.D. Director, Center for Intelligence & Security Studies University of Mississippi"

My Two Cents:

"A Tainted Dawn" tells the story of three young men leaving home for the first time during the late 1700s when the world, especially Europe and the Americas, are rapidly changing. It is the first book in a planned series, which to my understanding, will continue to follow the characters from this book in their future journeys on the high seas.

Each of the young men come from very different backgrounds and while they pass by each other on their different journeys, there isn't really a lot of dealings between them all, which I thought could be really interesting since they are all from such different backgrounds. Out of the three main characters, I found Edward's story to be the most compelling. I liked all of the characters but Edward's story was the most interesting to me. I wish that the book had focused more on his story. He is from a very rich family but wants to get away from that life so he joins up with a boat and tries hard to just be one of the guys with the other men on the boat, who are all from lower class backgrounds. Edward can't quite fit in as ship life is pretty dismal.

The historical detail in this book is pretty good. This time period to me is so interesting. The world was changing at a rapid pace and people had to either move with the world or get left far behind. One of the other characters in the book, Louis, gets involved with some of the uprisings during the French Revolution and gets to see first hand how much things are changing.

Overall: This is an interesting book about three young men in a evolving world.

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  1. Thank you for hosting me today. It is a pleasure to be here! Thanks also for your thoughtful review.

  2. Great review, Meg, of this interesting book. I agree that the time in history was amazing. The 3 young men with different backgrounds and stories seemlike a great way to show the different things going on in the world.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed thi book!


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