Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Review: New York City Haiku by Readers of the New York Times

Title: New York City Haiku
Author: Readers of the New York Times
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Universe Publishing
Publish Date: February 14, 2017
Source: PR

What's the Story?:

From "New York City Haiku collects 150 of the best haiku inspired by the Big Apple. These succinct three-line poems express not only the personal experiences of every New Yorker (or New Yorker at heart), but also the universal truths about living and loving everything that New York has to offer as well. 

Written by poets of all ages and from across the country, this affordable and giftable collection creates an honest and often hilarious volume chronicling what New York is all about. A must-have for anyone who aspires to "make it there," New York City Haiku is a thoughtful and fun testament to the city and its people."

My Two Cents:

April is National Poetry Month and in honor of celebrating this month, I read "New York City Haiku." This book is made up of entries that give you a taste of this city that never sleeps from readers of the New York Times. The Times ran a contest to have people write haikus, very simple poems, about all different aspects of the city.

New York City is definitely one of my favorite cities to visit. It's so different then Washington, D.C. and feels like a true metropolis to me. I love the way that the haikus in their shortness and simplicity allowed people to hone in on some of the feelings that you get being in the city and experiencing all that it has to offer. Some of the poems are funny and some are more somber. It was so interesting to see people take one medium of poem and do so much with it.

Another great aspect of this book is that there are some are some are wonderful illustrations included that definitely added to the overall feeling of the book. I really enjoyed this one and found it to be a great way to celebrate National Poetry Month.



  1. I think it's quite the challenge to say a lot in a few words. I follow an author who writes them too and I always enjoy seeing them first thing in the morning.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  2. They're great! Which author do you follow?


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