Tuesday, September 1, 2015

#Dryland1992: Then and Now Around Town

As I mentioned last week, I'm going to be participating in a bunch of activities to celebrate the pub week for Dryland by Sara Jaffe.

Here's the lineup for pub-week:
  • Monday, 8/31: Mixed-Tape Memories: Post a picture of a favorite cassette tape, mention a favorite memory or artist/album/playlist
  • Tuesday, 9/1: Then and Now Around Town: How as your city changed since '92?
    Wednesday, 9/2: On Wednesdays We Wear Plaid: Post a picture of yourself wearing plaid with the book!
  • Thursday, 9/3: Not-So Current Events: Reminiscence on events in your life and in the news in '92
  • Friday, 9/4: Favorite Picture Friday: Dare to share a picture of yourself rocking overalls, crimped hair, choker necklaces...we will, too!

On to today's topic: Then and Now Around Town!

By 1992, my family had lived in Maryland for about two years. My family is originally from Colorado so the novelty of living so close to the Nation's Capital was very much fresh and new. We spent a lot of time going downtown. From where we lived, you had to either take the Metro (which I thought was awesome at the time) or we would drive our Ford Taurus station wagon into the city and down New York Avenue. New York Avenue is still not the nicest stretch of road ever but back in 1992, it was much different and quite overwhelming for my Midwestern parents who always told us that no matter what, we weren't to stare at anyone out the windows!

Once we got down into D.C., we very rarely went anywhere that wasn't right on the National Mall unless it was the zoo and we went to the zoo a ton! There is so much more to do in D.C. these days for adults and children alike!


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