Monday, September 22, 2014

Review: Dogs Rule Nonchalantly by Mark Ulriksen

Title: Dogs Rule Nonchalantly
Author: Mark Ulriksen
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Goff Books
Source: I received a copy from the PR; however, this did not affect my review.

What's the Story?:

From "There is nothing happier than a happy dog” reads one of the observations in this humorous and heartwarming look at the everyday interactions between man and man’s best friend. Renown illustrator Mark Ulriksen combines his handwritten observations with his intricate paintings of dogs from over 20 years of his career.

Mark reaches back to his youth to talk about his first dog and chronicles the idiosyncrasies of each of his ten dogs that have enriched his life. Mark parallels major life events from dating, married life, and raising a family, with such humorous moments as house-breaking a puppy, obedience classes, the sad melancholy of nursing an aging canine friend, Ted, and his eventual ascension to “dog heaven.”

Dogs Rule, Nonchalantly appeals to dog lovers of all ages. The intuitive, colorful paintings communicate a depth of understanding of the quips and quirks of our canine companions that will bring a smile to the faces of children, while the sophistication and nuance of Mark’s artistic expertise and his acute observations, will resonate with anyone who has ever had a dog. In addition, having contributed more than forty covers to The New Yorker magazine, this collection will also appeal to art lovers."

My Two Cents:

"Dogs Rule Nonchalantly" is a wonderful book for anyone that has ever loved or loves dogs. This new book by Mark Ulriksen is a book of really wonderful illustrations of Ulriksen's favorite subjects (and mine): dogs. The book tells the story of some of the dogs that the author had growing up as well as some of the dogs he has had more recently.

The little back story is great for this book (it is definitely cute), but it is really the illustration start truly make this book. His illustrations are both funny and heartwarming. Ulriksen definitely has his own sense of style when it comes to illustrations. I could see this being a really good book to give as a present to somebody who enjoys both art and dogs. It would make a fantastic coffee table book. This book will definitely give you the warm and fuzzies!



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