Wednesday, September 10, 2014

HF Virtual Book Tour Review: East India by Colin Falconer

Title: East India
Author: Colin Falconer
Publisher: Cool Gus
Publish Date: July 8, 2014
Format: Paperback
Source: HF Virtual Book Tours

What's the Story?:

From "In any other circumstance but shipwreck, rape and murder, a man like Michiel van Texel would never have met a fine lady such as Cornelia Noorstrandt.

He was just a soldier, a sergeant in the Dutch East India company’s army, on his way from Amsterdam to the Indies to fight the Mataram. Such a woman was far above the likes of him.

But both their destinies intertwine far away from Holland, on some god-forsaken islands near the Great Southland. When their great ship, the Utrecht, founders far from home, surviving the Houtman Rocks is the least of their worries.

As they battle to survive and the bravest and the best reveal themselves for what they are, Cornelia’s only hope is a mercenary in a torn coat who shows her that a man is more than just manners and money.

He makes her one promise: ‘Even if God forsakes you, I will find you.’"

My Two Cents:

"East India" is a historical fiction that starts out during a archaeology dig in the present day before flashing back to the 17th century. Right from the very beginning, there is a mystery as to who exactly the bodies are that the archaeologists find in the present day. When we are swept back to the 17th century during the time of high seas adventures in the Dutch East India Company, we uncover those people. This book is billed as a love story and yes, a love story is present; however, there is something more sinister and gruesome that hides within these pages!

At the core of the story is a true life ship wreck. Before reading this book I had never really read much about the Dutch East India Company and wasn't really familiar with the places they went and what the company was like. I love when historical fiction is able to bring some of the lesser known historical events to life!

This book is definitely not what I expected. I was expecting more of a love story. The back of the book says that it was described by one credit as "Jack and Rose in the 17th century" referring to, of course, the famous ill-fated on-screen love affair in Titanic. Yes, again there is a love story in "East India." And yes, there is a boat. But the love story between rich Cornelia and soldier Michiel becomes a mere side dish to the main story. That main story is a fairly is a fairly depraved and violent one where are the people from the ship are now forced to survive after being brutalized by those that they thought they might of been able to trust once. All the detail in this book is very good! Though, readers who like gentler stories may want to steer clear of this one. To some degree, some of this book felt almost like a horror novel.

Once they ship wrecks, the real action really starts. Although this book was a lot different than I was expecting, I must admit that the writing was very good and pulled me in. The author makes you feel the fear that the shipwrecked people feel with a lot of realness!


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  1. I'm reading The Siege right now which also is a story (amongst other things) of the attraction between a high born lady and a corsair of one of the boats she owns. Interestingly similar. I'd like to get to this one as well.

  2. This one sounds pretty good, though I can see you'd be a little disappointed if you were led to believe it was going to be along the lines of Jack & Rose. Glad you liked it anyway!


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