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HFVBT Review: The Highlander's Triumph by Eliza Knight

Title: The Highlander's Triumph
Author: Eliza Knight
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Self-published
Publish Date: June 19, 2013
Source: HFVBT

What's the Story?:

From "He was a warrior fighting for Scottish freedom. She was his enemy's mistress. Laird Brandon Sinclair has given his life to the Scottish cause. Swearing fealty to Robert the Bruce, he will stop at nothing to see oppression end. Lady Mariana wants nothing more than to break free of the tyrannical hold the English king has on her. When he sends her to Scotland with a message for the rebels, instead of obeying his orders, she finds herself submitting to her desires. After one sizzling, life-altering night, Brandon and Mariana must part ways. But Mariana has no intention of betraying her heart again. And Brandon is determined to get her back. Stealing Longshank's secrets felt like victory, but taking his woman will be this Highlander's ultimate triumph."

My Two Cents:

"The Highlander's Triumph" is the story of Mariana, the mistress to the King of England, who is sent to Scotland to tell off the rebels and ends up finding love with one of them instead. Highlanders win every single time! This book is the fifth in The Stolen Brides series by Eliza Knight. You can jump right into this book if you wish (it's definitely a stand alone book) but if you plan on reading the other books, read the other ones first or else you will know what happens to some of the other characters in the series.

Oh, Brandon and Mariana, how I loved you so! This book is filled with a really hot romance and a lot of action! I really liked the story between them. Mariana is the mistress to the King and when she is sent on this super dangerous journey to Scotland, she does not even blink. You have to appreciate that kind of bravery. Also, as a King's mistress, she is not nearly as shy as some of the other heroines in this book... so much hotness! Brandon makes for a really fantastic hero. I loved reading about him. He is trying hard to fight for his country and is not afraid to stand up for what he really believes in, which is definitely an admirable quality.

That being said, there is also a lot of great historical detail. I loved being able to see what was going on in Scotland at the time. The historical detail really added a lot to this book. This book is probably my favorite in the series so far. It had a really nice balance between the love story and also what was going on in Scotland at the time.

This was a great historical romance!

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