Wednesday, July 17, 2013

HF Virtual Book Tours Guest Post: Stephanie Lehmann, Author of Astor Place Vintage

I am very happy to welcome Stephanie Lehmann, author of Astor Place Vintage here to A Bookish Affair.

Why I Love Vintage Clothing

History –Vintage clothing can conjure up an era, a decade, a slice of time. The details of the garment’s construction are clues that help to reveal its age. The more I learn about what was worn during a certain time in history, the more I understand the people who lived during those times.

Mystery – That dress has a past. It used to belong to someone else. Who? When? Where? I don’t necessarily want to know -- that could be disappointing. The fact that I can’t know is what intrigues me more. It’s as if the clothing knows more than I do.

Disguise – When I wear something from the past, I’m dressing up in a costume. So even if it’s a regular day, that day feels more special. I can pretend to be a twenties flapper, a depression era housewife, a working girl from the forties, a bombshell from the fifties…. Well, actually, I can’t quite pull off the fifties bombshell thing. I guess that’s why I write fiction with characters who can!

Prize – We all spend energy searching for clothing that we love. But the fact that a vintage dress is (most likely) a one-of-a-kind survivor means that finding something that makes my heart beat faster and also fits (!) involves a certain amount of luck and kismet. So when I do come upon something special, I really feel like I’m hitting the jackpot.  

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