Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Odds and Ends: New Year, New Beginnings

Ahhh, I've had a nice break! The holidays are always sort of chaotic and busy in my neck of the woods but it's always good to see family and friends. The past week and a half off to celebrate the holidays has absolutely flown by and now 2013 is already here. It's so hard to believe! Here's to a brilliant year full of unbroken resolutions (fingers crossed)!

While I had a really good holiday overall, probably the highlight of my holiday was getting to see my younger sister get engaged. B and T have been together for four years and T really already felt like part of our family but it's so awesome to have it be official. They got engaged Christmas Eve and we were lucky enough to get to witness it! It was terribly cute and romantic. Being the hopelessly hopeless romantic that I am, getting to see someone (Anyone! Stranger or friend!) get engaged was on my bucket list. I liked seeing B and T get engaged so much that seeing someone get engaged went right back on my bucket list. The whole family is extremely excited! 2013 will be a year of wedding planning in our fam!

Regularly scheduled bookish posts will resume tomorrow!


  1. That is so exciting that you could be there! :) Here is to a wonderful 2013 full of unbroken resolutions!!!! ;)

  2. Aww congrats to T and B. Our daughter has been dating a boy she has dubbed "the one" and he has shared the last two Christmases with us, we are waiting for it to be official. How sweet you got to witness it. We had family visiting since Dec 22nd and they left this morning, while i was sad to see them go, i am glad to get back to normal. Good luck with your resolutions!


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