Monday, August 20, 2012

Odds and Ends: Paint Without End

So this weekend we actually took possession of our house. We're not actually moving until next weekend. We got a bit of painting done this weekend so it'll be done before we move in (okay, it will be done-ish when we move in).

On Saturday, we:
- Taped and painted the living room.We were only going to paint but then decided that we might as well do some crown moulding in there as well. When you're married to an Architect, these simple projects snowball quickly, but always with lovely, lovely results.
- Patched a bunch of dings and dents in the master bedroom. The house was built in 1909 and therefore has plaster walls. The amateur historian in me loves this but plaster is not that fun to patch or paint.
- Got the library/office ready for painting.

On Sunday, my husband went back up to the house to work on the crown moulding and he was also able to paint the most important room in the house: the library (and office too!). I stayed in DC and packed and packed and packed.

Things I've already learned:
- Sometimes you don't find issues until you start working on a house. We've already found windows that have been painted shut and some curtain rods that weren't level. I've already mentioned the plaster but let me mention it again because it really is a pain to work with.
- Painting is hard work but the results are instantaneous!
- I see why people end up with beige houses. We're consciously trying to make sure that we don't go that route!


  1. sounds like fun, despite the trials. We spent almost 3o days working on a home before we moved in, painting everything from ceiling to floor, adding new floors and the end it was worth it. good luck!

    1. Yes! It's so much easier to do all of that stuff before you move your junk in :)

  2. Yea! I totally understand the old house issues, as mine was built in 1906. If you take before and afters, I'd love to feature some of your spaces on Fridays at Home!

  3. Whew -- I'm tired just reading your update! But I'm sure the results will be more than worth it. Your husband is an architect, my boyfriend is a scientist... so everything has to be done "just so," measured exactly, etc. It can be exhausting, but you're right: I can't argue with the results!

    1. I've slowly learned that sometimes it's better to just let him do his thing even if it takes a little bit longer.


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