Friday, May 12, 2017

TLC Book Tours: The Wisdom of Moms and Amazing Dads by Bridget Hamilton

Titles: The Wisdom of Moms and Amazing Dads
Author: Bridget Hamilton
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: National Geographic
Publish Date: May 2, 2017 (respectively)
Source: TLC Book Tours

About The Wisdom of Moms

• Hardcover: 96 pages • Publisher: National Geographic (March 28, 2017) There is so much we can learn about motherhood from the animal kingdom. We can learn how to be the strong role model a child needs, like the snow leopard that teaches her children to survive and thrive on dangerous mountain slopes; to be as resilient as the hardworking sea otter mom; and to serve our communities like the pika, a rabbit-like animal native to northern climates. This is a beautiful tribute to mothers, full of adorable animal photographs and touching anecdotes that show your appreciation for all the wisdom and care that Mom provides. 

About Amazing Dads

• Hardcover: 96 pages • Publisher: National Geographic (May 2, 2017) This fun, lighthearted book is a great way to show Dad how much he means to you. Page after page of stunning animal photographs and heartwarming stories of fatherhood in the animal kingdom showcases the bond between dads and their loved ones. This package is the best way to share words of gratitude and appreciation and express your love for the dad, grandpa, uncle, or stepfather in your life. Stories of remarkable animal dads include:
  • Golden lion tamarins that mash bananas into a mush to hand-feed their babies
  • Wolves that enjoy playful roughhousing with youngsters of the pack
  • Foxes that bury food near the den to teach pups to hunt
  • Rheas, South American birds that not only incubate eggs solo but also serve as single parents
  • Seahorses that carry eggs in their own brood pouch

My Two Cents:

This review is a two-for for both Amazing Dads and The Wisdom of Moms by Bridget Hamilton. Both books are gorgeous and filled with pictures of animals and their babies (could there be anything more adorable?). The books intersperses fun facts about animal parents and their young. It is amazing how much we humans have in common with our animal friends.

The pictures are stunning but would you really expect anything less than that from National Geographic. I love how both books capture a wide variety of animals and therefore a wide variety of animal behavior. I love learning something new from the books I read so I was very excited to see a lot of new-to-me information (did you know that eagles will return to the same breeding site for up to 35 years in a row???).

The Mom book had a lot more about mom relationships with their babies. The Dad book included just as many animal facts but fewer of the facts were focused on dad/ child behavior.

This book would be a great gift for parents! I'm thinking this may be one of my new signature baby shower gifts.


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