Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hello from #LFLonChestnut !

One of the reasons I started book blogging is because I wanted to share my love of books with the world. Now I've found a new way to spread ALL. THE. WORDS. Say hello to my Little Free Library Charter Number 54881.

My husband built my LFL to match our house. I love it and it makes it so special that he built it for me!

Have you ever heard of a Little Free Library before? They're a great way to bring a bit of bookish community to your local area.

I have been running out to the LFL every single night after I put the kids to bed to see what got taken and what got dropped off. So far books have moved every single day in the week since my LFL opened. It's been amazing!

Follow my LFL steward adventures on Instagram or by using #LFLonChestnut across social media!

Do any of you have a Little Free Library?


  1. Cute! I'm so jealous! I want one but I don't think it'd survive in my neighborhood...

  2. It's so cute!
    We have a LFL in one of our town parks. I sometimes drop off review copies there. It's interesting to see what gets taken and what doesn't.


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