Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Review: A More Perfect Union by Jodi Daynard

Title: A More Perfect Union
Author: Jodi Daynard
Format: Ebook
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Publish Date: May 23, 2017
Source: Author

What's the Story?:

From Goodreads.com: "In 1794, Johnny Watkins returns to America from Barbados, intent on becoming a great statesman. Even his hero, John Adams, believes the gifted boy will go far. There’s just one catch: Johnny must learn to pass for white.
He finds a spirited and lovely confidante in Kate, one of the few who knows that Johnny’s father had been born a slave. But as he moves closer toward the new city of Washington, Johnny leaves Kate behind, falling instead for a prominent Maryland heiress who may not have his best interests at heart. Embroiled in the vicious politics of the approaching election, Johnny lives every moment at risk of being unmasked.

Then, a discovery about Thomas Jefferson, one that could sway the election, imperils not only Johnny’s future but also his life. In the end, Johnny learns who his real friends are—and the truth behind the great promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

My Two Cents:

"A More Perfect Union" is the story of Johnny Watkins, a young man looking to contribute to the future of his adopted country of the United States in any way he kind. Inspired by great men like John Adams (who Johnny knows personally), he decides the best way that he can contribute is to become a politician and to truly lead his new country. Being mixed race, he has to pass for white in order to do what he aspires to do. He worries that his secret may be revealed at every turn.

This is the third book in Jodi Daynard's Midwife series but this book can very much be read as a stand alone book. The focus of the story is really on Johnny himself, the son of some of the previous characters in this trilogy. Although Johnny is hiding a secret, in many ways he is freer to pursue what he wants compared to the previous generation.

Johnny is right at the center of a lot of the political action of the time. He spends time in places like Boston, Maryland, and D.C. throughout the book meaning that he rubs elbows with a lot of the famous people at the time. I loved all of the detail that was included in the book! You get a good sense of the places that Johnny is seeing. There is also a love story at the center of the book that will keep you guessing (and rooting for Johnny and Kate) until the very end!

Overall, this book made me want to read more books set in this time period. This was a satisfying conclusion to this trilogy!  


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