Friday, August 14, 2015

Book to Movie: Far From the Madding Crowd

"Far From the Madding Crowd" is a movie that is based on the book by the same title by Thomas Hardy. This book tells the story of Bathsheba, a Victorian woman who is able to rise out of the typical station of so many women of that age as she inherits a farm. I haven't read this book and although I typically like reading the book before I see a movie, in this case the movie made me want to go back and read the book next!

This is one of those movies where it seemed very easy to me and also to my sister, who was watching a movie with me, to guess what was happening and what would happen at the end. The question of this movie is not a question of what is going to happen but when it's going to happen. Ultimately, this movie is about a couple things. First off, it's the story of Bathsheba and her love-life. She is pursued by and pursues three men throughout the movie and must figure out what her romantic destiny is. It's also a story of a woman and her independence during a time when many women did not have that much independence. It is really interesting to see how Bathsheba is able to run a farm and make money and have wealth and be the master of her own destiny.

I must mention how beautiful this movie is. I love a good costume drama and I really thought that the filmmakers did a great job using costumes to evoke a sense of time. The cinematography in the setting of the movie is also gorgeous. This movie had me wanting to run out to the countryside to experience the great grassy hills and beautiful old country houses of the movie.

Overall, this movie is a good one if you like movies where there are many surprises and the drama is really in the known and the unknown.

Thanks to Think Jam for providing a review copy! The opinions are all my own! 


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