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HF Virtual Book Tours Review: Goddess Born by Kari Edgren

Title: Goddess Born
Author: Kari Edgren
Format: Ebook
Publisher: Carina Press
Publish Date: May 19, 2014
Source: HFVBT

What's the Story?: 

From "Pennsylvania, 1730

Selah Kilbrid keeps a dangerous secret: she has the power to heal.

A direct descendent of the Celtic goddess Brigid, it's Selah's sacred duty to help those in need. But as the last of the Goddess Born living in the New World, she learned from an early age to keep her supernatural abilities hidden. The Quaker community of Hopewell has always been welcoming, but there's no doubt they would see her hanged if her gift was revealed.

When a prominent minister threatens to try her with witchcraft unless she becomes his wife, Selah has only one hope--that her betrothed, a distant cousin from Ireland, arrives as planned. Marrying Samuel would keep her secret safe, preserve her sacred bloodline, and protect her from being charged as a witch.

But when news of Samuel's death reaches the Colonies, Selah is truly on her own. Terrified, she faces an impossible choice--forfeit her powers and marry the loathsome Nathan? Or find an imposter to pose as her husband and preserve her birthright?"

My Two Cents:

In "Goddess Born," the year is 1730 in Pennsylvania. The "new world" is still trying to get on its feet and our main character, Selah, finds herself harboring a secret that could potentially mean losing her life if she isn't careful. She is now on her own after her father is gone and it is up to her and her alone to make a life for herself. This book is thoroughly engaging and definitely packs a punch for historical fiction lovers who like a little bit of magic with their historical fiction. 

The characters were definitely stand out for me. I really loved Selah. She is definitely a strong character who has a strong vision for what she wants out of life and it is not to marry Nathan, a horrible man who threatens to tell Selah's secret, which could mean her death in this very paranoid time. You have to appreciate her sense of self-preservation. I also really liked Henry. He is a young man who comes to America as an indentured servant and ends up helping out Selah more than he could have ever originally anticipated. Although they come together from very different circumstances, they make a really good team and I really liked seeing how the dynamics of their relationship changed and grew throughout the book. I know I'm going to be thinking about these characters for a long time.

I also really liked all of the historical detail in the book. I haven't read a lot of historical fiction that is actually set in the United States, especially not during this time period (why is there so little of it out there???) so I enjoyed getting to explore this new place and time. I really thought that the author did a great job of showing some of the issues of the time through the historical detail. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would love to read a sequel or even just more by this author!

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