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Review: Buried in Books: A Reader's Anthology by Julie Rugg

Title: Buried in Books: A Reader's Anthology
Author: Julie Rugg
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
Publish Date: October 1, 2010
Source: I received a copy from the publisher; however, this did not affect my review.

Why You're Reading This Book:

  • You love quotes. 
  • You are a book lover.
What's the Story?:

From "For bibliophiles, life is full of tricky problems: wondering whether a small trunk full of reading material can be taken on board as hand luggage; how to smuggle yet another guilty stash of tomes past the nearest and dearest. But as Julie Rugg shows in this anthology, bibliophiles are by no means new. For centuries bookish types have been delving in bibliophilia.Buried in Books is a compilation of more than 350 literary extracts, quotations, and bon mots arranged in 14 chapters that cover every aspect of bookish behavior: reading, buying, borrowing, recommending, hunting, even defacing. The selections range from short, pithy quotations to more extensive extracts, and they are taken from diaries, memoirs, novels, plays, and letters by authors from Samuel Pepys to Iain Sinclair, Laurence Sterne to Lucy Mangan. If you are an obsessive reader, stroke this book lovingly, listen as you riffle through the pages, and be proud: you are in good company"

My Two Cents:

"Buried in Books" is a book that every bookish person should have in their libraries. Seriously, if you or someone you love is a book lover, get ye to the bookstore and get this book. This book is filled with tons and tons of quotes about all different aspects of books and bookish life. 

The book opens up with the author's musings on reading and what it means to be a true bibliophile and after reading those musings, I knew that I had found a kindred spirit in Ms. Rugg. She has one section in particular where she's talking about hiding her new books amongst the current piles and piles of books that she has in her house and I read that and said to myself, "Hey, self, you do that too!"

Some of the quotes I had heard, some I haven't. Regardless of whether or not I had heard of them, it is nice to have all of those lovely quotes and excerpts in one place. This book also lent quite a bit to my already massive TBR list. I found myself jotting down a lot of the books named in this book to read later on. 

This book is a love letter of sorts to book lovers everywhere. I know this is a book that I will be referring back to a lot in the future!

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