Friday, May 17, 2013

Literary Locale!

I'm about a month and a half away from traveling to St. Petersburg, FL for the 2013 Historical Novel Society  conference and I have had travel on the brain. I absolutely love traveling once I get to my destination but planning for a trip kind of stresses me out. I'm always looking for ways to make traveling less stressful so I was very excited to try out some travel products from David's Been Here.

I was sent the products for free but this didn't affect my review!
Passport Wallet:

I have a small case that I usually carry my passport in usually. This case is substantially bigger. I could see using the case while you are on the plane or the train but it is a little too big to take around in a purse or a small bag but it would be good to organize  travel papers while transiting to wherever you are going. I would also like something a little bit sturdier for organizing papers.

Sleep Eye Mask with Ear Plugs:

I always carry a sleep mask with me when I travel by airplane. The sleep mask in this kit isn't anything special. It's pretty standard. It didn't keep all of the light out of my eyes but it kept enough out that it would work for me (if I'm tired, I can sleep just about anywhere). Some people may like that the product comes with ear plugs but seeing as how I sleep really deeply, I probably will not use the ear plugs. The ear plugs are just the standard squishy kind.

Portable Travel Digital Luggage Scale:

I loved this product. This has happened several times to me on various trips: picture this, I'm in the airport check-in line, they weigh my luggage, and I'm X-number of pounds over. I'm already frantic because I'm already stressed by just getting to the airplane. I'm frantically unpacking my bag and shoving stuff into my carry-on. This would, of course, happen when I am coming home from a fabulous foreign country somewhere, because that makes it extra fun. This scale could be the end of that rigamarole and for that, I am thankful. 

 I also reviewed one of the David's Been Here travel guides. There are not many of these guides yet but they are pretty good. Because they only cover one day in a particular city, they are really short. They cover just the highlights for the particular location. This guide definitely made me want to visit Barcelona (now, who wants to come with me???). The information is pretty good but sparse. This book is the highlights and not a lot of detail.

One thing to know about these guides is that for right now, they are just digital, something that didn't really work for me. When I travel, I like to be able to refer back to a guide, which would be really difficult with a digital version on my Kindle.


  1. I'm taking the red-eye from SFO to Atlanta for the conference, and I just can't sleep on least I haven't been able to yet. I live in hope, however! Something tells me I won't be getting much sleep at the conference, either :D


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