Friday, February 15, 2013

Literary Locale!

So last week, I told you that I would tell you about the awesome weekend trip that my husband and I will be taking in March. Of course, since I was in charge of planning the trip, it's definitely going to have a literary lean.

In researching hotels, I came across one that I just know as a book lover that I'm absolutely going to be head over heels for. It's called the Library Hotel! Every room of the hotel is themed after a Dewey Decimal system number (seriously! how cool is that?).

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I. am. so. excited. I've spent a little time (okay,  a lot of time) dreaming of what room we'll get. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's something awesome but really, what wouldn't be awesome?

Once we booked the room, I found out through Facebook that the hotel is running a contest to give away a free night at the hotel. It's a contest! You enter a picture and then people vote for the picture that they'd like to win. The contest ends February 28.

Here's the picture that I entered:

This is one of our engagement pictures! It's crazy that this was taken almost 4 years ago!

If you are interested in voting for us (and I would be so eternally grateful if you would vote for us), here's what to do:

1. Click on this link which will take you right to our picture on the contest site.
2. Click on the "thumbs up." A pop-up will come up and ask you to install an app, which you have to do to vote. It's slightly annoying but that's the way the contest is set-up! I would be forever grateful if you voted though.

Aside from staying in an awesome hotel, I am really hoping to visit the main branch of the New York Public Library for the first time (the Library Hotel is located very close by) and I am also hoping to visit Strand Book Store (this will also be a first time visit for me). 

Are there any other cool literary places in NYC that we should go to?


  1. Oh, I'm so jealous! I've heard of the Library Hotel, and OF COURSE I'm dying to visit the Strand bookstore one day, but living over in England I'm unlikely to make it there anytime soon... Take loads of photos to share with us, okay? We'll all share the experience vicariously (while sobbing into our favourite books and eating chocolate). :)

    1. I definitely plan on taking a lot of pictures! I am ridiculously excited about going! I've dreamt of visiting Strand for so long. It sounds like the perfect place for us book lovers :)

  2. I voted for you when you posted it on FB a while back! Hope you guys win. :)

    As for literary locales, I love the Morgan Library. It's incredibly gorgeous. They usually have cool exhibits, but the library alone is worth the trip.

    1. Thank you so much for voting for me!!!

      Oh, I've never heard of the Morgan library before but its website looks fantastic!!!

  3. Good luck with the contest. Sounds like a neat hotel and a visit to the NYC Public Library is a must!

    1. Thank you for the luck!

      I've only seen the library from the outside (love those lions) so I'm anxious to see what the inside holds!

  4. I thought I voted but I didn't download the app - I will double check.
    Are you planning to take look at the historic Algonquin hotel where Dorothy Parker hosted the Round Table back in the day? There's also a website that has a lot of NYC literary history stuff.

    1. I'm not familiar with the Algonquin Hotel at all but it seems awesome. Thank you also for the website! That seems like such a good resource!


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