Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros

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"'Look at this sweater and tell me what you see.'

As we stroll through the Macy's mall entrance, my friend Sara pulls something from her bag that resembles a grayish, wooly pillow with arms. She waves it around impatiently, but I can't read from her expression whether she loves it or hates it."

Would you keep reading?



  1. Hmmm? I'd read a bit more, but now that cover has caused me to wish I had cake in the house for breakfast :)

    Thanks so much for joining us Meg.

  2. I'd read on out of curiousity about the title, the cover...

  3. I can't decide yet...would give it another page or two. I do like the cover though.

  4. Let us eat cake! I think all your readers are hungry... I usually like YA, even though I'm OA
    but this somehow seems too young right off the bat.
    I just wrote up my take of The World Without You from Joshua Henkin which is soooo good.

  5. Yes. That's enough for me...plus the disco ball on the cover!


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