Monday, April 9, 2012

Review: Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson

Title: Suite Scarlett
Author: Maureen Johnson
Publisher: Scholastic
Publish Date: May 1, 2008
Source: Library

Why You're Reading This Book:
  • You're a young adult fiction fan. 
  • You're looking for a light, fun read.
What's the Story?:

From "Scarlett Martin has grown up in a most unusual way. Her family owns the Hopewell, a small Art Deco hotel in the heart of New York City. When each of the Martins turns fifteen, they are expected to take over the care of a suite. For Scarlett's fifteenth birthday, she gets both a room called the Empire Suite and a permanent guest named Mrs. Amberson. Scarlett doesn't quite know what to make of this C-list starlet and world traveler.

And when she meets Eric, an astonishingly gorgeous actor who has just moved to the city, her summer takes a second unexpected turn.

Before the summer is over, Scarlett will have to survive a whirlwind of thievery and romantic missteps. But in the city where anything can happen, she just might be able to pull it off."

My Two Cents:

This was such a fun book. This will be the third book that I've read by Maureen Johnson (I read both books in the Little Blue Envelopes duo). Like the Little Blue Envelopes book, this book introduced another really fun character to me: Scarlett.

Admittedly when I was younger, I thought that it would be really, really awesome to live in Manhattan (now the idea terrifies me; Manhattan is way too big for me). This book allowed me to get reacquainted with the girl who once dreamt of living in a super cool apartment in NYC. Scarlett has grown up in the city and can't really imagine living any place else. Her family owns a hotel, which Scarlett finds out on her birthday that the hotel is not doing well and that her family's livelihood might soon be finished if they can't turn things around. Scarlett had to grow quickly.

Mrs. Amberson, the new tenant at Scarlett's family's hotel, is amazing. She's strange, she's off-kilter, and she definitely marches to the beat of her own drum. She gets Scarlett to step outside of her box a little bit and to not take things so seriously. She's one of those really quirky characters that you always wonder what they're going to do next.

This book definitely whetted my appetite to read more by Johnson. Her characters are really vibrant and she has a great way of writing situations and experiences so that you can imagine exactly what's going on. Suite Scarlett has a follow on book called Scarlett Fever that I am definitely looking forward to reading.

Bottom line: This is a fun book for young adult fiction lovers.



  1. This one sounds good! It's sometimes nice to take a break from reading heavy stuff and pick up something a little lighter and more fun...thanks for the post! :) x

    1. I really need that little bit of a break every once in awhile!

  2. It looks interesting, and the cover is pretty. happy you like it :)

    1. Yes! I love the cover too. I'm a big fan of the lipstick :)

  3. I really liked this one, too -- Scarlett is an awesomely fun character, and I thought the family hotel setting was a blast. I loved Scarlett's brother, too, and his acting aspirations! The sequel was also great.

    1. I got the sequel from the library and I'm hopeful that I'll get to it soon!

  4. Sounds like a really fun read - I've never read any Maureen Johnson but I've always meant to do so! I'll add this to my YA TBR!


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