Tuesday, February 12, 2019

TLC Book Tours: The Sisters Hemingway by Annie England Noblin

Title: The Sisters Hemingway
Author: Annie England Noblin
Format: ARC
Publisher: William Morrow
Publish Date: February 12, 2019 (Today!)
Source: TLC Book Tours

What's the Story?:

From Goodreads.com: "The Hemingway Sisters of Cold River, Missouri are local legends. Raised by a mother obsessed with Ernest Hemingway, they were named after the author’s four wives—Hadley, Pfeiffer, Martha, and Mary. The sisters couldn’t be more different—or more alike. Now they’re back in town, reunited to repair their fractured relationships.

Hadley is the poised, polished wife of a senator.

Pfeiffer is a successful New York book editor.

Martha has skyrocketed to Nashville stardom.

They each have a secret—a marriage on the rocks,  a job lost, a stint in rehab…and they haven’t been together in years.

Together, they must stay in their childhood home, faced with a puzzle that may affect all their futures. As they learn the truth of what happened to their mother—and their youngest sister, Mary—they rekindle the bonds they had as children, bonds that have long seemed broken. With the help of neighbors, friends, love interests old and new—and one endearing and determined Basset Hound—the Sisters Hemingway learn that the happiness that has appeared so elusive may be right here at home, waiting to be claimed."

My Two Cents:

"The Sisters Hemingway" is the story of Hadley, Pfeiffer, and Martha: three sisters who had a tragic life. After losing their parents and their younger sisters, the sisters were raised by Aunt Bea, their great aunt. Time and old wounds have torn the sisters apart and now they barely see each other. Each of them is holding their own secrets when they are called back to their hometown for Aunt Bea's funeral.

I am super close to my sisters and so I have always been fascinated by the bonds and relationships of sisters. The Hemingway sisters do not get along and spend a lot of time picking at each other. I was turned off by this at first, especially when they're called back to their hometown for such a sad occasion. As the book goes on, you begin to see why they have such bad relationships with each other. The author does a good job of showing her cards slowly.

This book also has a great family mystery at the center of it that I really liked. We get a glimpse of Aunt Bea's life through her old journal entries that the sisters find hidden in the house. We quickly realize why the pages are well-hidden. I don't want to give anything away but I loved how this mystery unravels and how it pushes the sisters back together again. It really worked for this story!

Overall, this is a perfect pick for those looking for a story about messy families and even messier family secrets and those that realize that love really does conquer all.



  1. This sounds rather good based on my current reading mood LOL

  2. Honestly, who doesn't love a messy family?! Thanks for being on the tour!

    Sara @ TLC Book Tours


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