Friday, July 15, 2016

Review: All the Time in the World by Caroline Angell

Title: All the Time in the World
Author: Caroline Angell 
Format: ARC
Publisher: Henry Holt
Publish Date: July 12, 2016 
Source: PR

What's the Story?:

From "Charlotte, a gifted and superbly-trained young musician, has been blindsided by a shocking betrayal in her promising career when she takes a babysitting job with the McLeans, a glamorous Upper East Side Manhattan family. At first, the nanny gig is just a way of tiding herself over until she has licked her wounds and figured out her next move as a composer in New York; she doesn't mean to stay with the family for long. But, as the reader quickly becomes aware, Charlotte is naturally gifted with children and as deeply fond of the two little boys as they are of her. When an unthinkable tragedy leaves the McLeans bereft, Charlotte is not the only one who realizes that she's the key to holding little George and Matty's world together. She finds herself facing an impossible choice between her lifelong dreams and a torn-apart family she's come to love as her own. By turns funny, sexy, and heartrending, Caroline Angell's generous and unforgettable debut is the story of a young woman's discovery of the things that matter most."

My Two Cents:

After facing a devastating setback as a composer, Charlotte takes a job as a nanny for two young children in a very warm family in New York City. This job is supposed to be a short-time pass-through kind of job for Charlotte to clear her head and plan her next move to achieve her career goals. Two years later, Charlotte is still a nanny but it has become because she loves it and feels so much for the family. Tragedy strikes the family and Charlotte will be thrown into a situation that she doesn't fully understand. "All the Time in the World" is a coming of age story set in the heart of New York City where anything can happen when you least expect it.

I fell hard for the characters in this book. Charlotte is incredibly charming as a main character. She is driven but also gives herself enough free-rein to follow wherever the wind may take her. You get to see her change a lot throughout the book and I loved how the author was able to capture how she grows and changes throughout the book. The secondary characters are great as well and felt really well rounded. The author did a great job of capturing really realistic dialogue, which made the characters feel even more real.

I also really liked the gamut of emotions that the author was able to evoke for me. There are some really sad moments and some very happy emotions. You are pulling for the characters through it all because the author makes you feel for them. I really enjoyed that aspect of the book! Overall, this was a great read!

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  1. Great review! I have a daughter who is studying to be a professional oboeist and put this one on my must read list.


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