Sunday, January 12, 2014

My New Library!

With as many books as I own, there is still something so special and so amazing about being able to walk into a library and pick any book off of a shelf that I want to read. I love being surrounded by people that love books and so many of those people can be found in the library.

For the past couple years, my community has not had a real library. Our library has been closed for the past couple years for major, major, major renovations. There was an interim location at our local mall but it wasn't great. It was small and didn't have a great selection. Usually I would just put a bunch of books on hold and go to the interim location to grab the books.

I have been eagerly anticipating the opening of the new library. Like many building projects, the library went through delays. The opening date kept getting pushed back and pushed back. The interim library closed in October and the community was promised that the library would open on January 4th.

January 4th came and of course I absolutely had to go check out the new library! It is a gorgeous facility and is going to be a welcome addition to our city!

And perhaps most importantly, here's what I picked out from the library. I may have gone a little overboard with how many books I picked out! Sorry, not sorry!

Do you still use your public library? What's your favorite part of your library?


  1. I'm really lucky, my local branch is only three blocks and an easy walk from my house, and if they don't have what I want, it's easy to have it sent over from another branch. I use it a lot for research books.

  2. I use my library--a lot! My favorite part is the books! I love that I can put in a request online and go pick it up when it's in. I'm old enough to remember when that sort of convenience was not even imaginable. Our library also has author talks and other events at the main downtown branch that I've occasionally attended. It's an incredible resource! I'm happy for you that yours is back up and running and looks so wonderful!

  3. How fun... I can't imagine not really having a good library. Mine is so good. It will order pretty much anything I want too!! Hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of it!

  4. Our new local library just opened last year -- and it is awesome! Honestly, I'm ashamed to admit I'd never really spent much time there . . . but now I'm in and out constantly to check out audio books. I see Longbourn in your stack -- I'm actually listening to that on audio right now! And really enjoying it so far. Have fun in your new space!


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