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Review and Interview: Sanctuary Island by Lily Everett

Title: Sanctuary Island
Author: Lily Everett
Format: Paperback
Publisher: St. Martin's
Publish Date: July 30, 2013
Source: I received the book from the publisher; however, this did not affect my review.

Why You're Reading This Book:

  • You're a romance fan.
  • You like stories about families.
What's the Story?:

From "When Ella’s sister decides to reunite with their estranged mother, Ella goes along for the ride—it’s always been the two Preston girls against the world. But Sanctuary Island, a tiny refuge for wild horses tucked off the Atlantic coast, is more inviting than she ever imagined. And it holds more than one last opportunity to repair their broken family—if Ella can open her carefully guarded heart, there is also the chance for new beginnings.

Grady Wilkes is a handyman who can fix anything…except the scars of his own past. When he accepts the task of showing Ella the simple beauties of the island that healed him, he discovers a deep sense of comfort he thought he’d lost. But now he must convince the woman who never intended to stay that on Sanctuary Island, anything is possible—forgiving past mistakes, rediscovering the simple joys of life, and maybe even falling in love."

My Two Cents:

I've been craving some lighter reads for these long, hot days of summer. This is the time of year that I look for comfort reads and I definitely found a good one in "Sanctuary Island." The island in the book sounds like someplace that I would love to go for vacation and its denizens sound like people that I would love to get to know. The island just seems like a very peaceful place where you could cure all of your ills with ease.

You all know by now that I love stories about families and I love stories about sisters. This book focuses on both kinds of relationships. I really felt for Ella for how she felt about her relationship with her mother. It has to be really difficult to grow up essentially without one of your parents because of something the parent is doing. So many times, those relationships are not able to be repaired.

I liked the story between Ella and her sister as well. I really thought that Everett captured the very special relationship sisters have. You will do just about anything to take care or to help your sister. The relationship between them.

I also really liked the love story between Ella and Grady. You're really pulling through them in the story. I liked that this book wasn't just a romance though!

Interview with the Author:

1. What inspired you to write Sanctuary Island?

The setting is definitely inspired by several real-life islands I've visited, especially Assateague Island, near where I grew up off the coast of Virginia. There are several islands off the east coast that are home to wild horses, and I wanted to write books that would capture the way I felt when I saw those beautiful, untamed horses running through the waves. And once I had the setting, I knew Sanctuary Island would be the perfect place to explore deep, abiding family relationships, the bonds between friends, and the joy and passion of falling in love.

2. Why do you think people are so drawn to reading books about relationships between sisters?
Good question! For me, it's because my younger sister, Georgia, is one of the most important people in my life. She's been my best friend, my most fun playmate, my confidante, my cheerleader, and occasionally when I need it, my kick in the pants. It's a bond unlike any other, and I loved having the chance to dig into what made Ella and Merry so close.

3. What was your writing experience with this book? Was it different than it was for your other books?
I actually tried to be very disciplined while writing this book, as opposed to dithering for months and writing the whole thing in a panic with deadline looming over me. I think it really paid off--there's a sense of peace and healing that was essential to the book that I'm not sure I could have achieved by procrastinating and panicking. I also had plenty of time to revise, to polish, and to bring out and twine together the threads of the story. It was a huge improvement for me, mentally! I'm going to try to stick with it as a process.

4. Who is your favorite character in Sanctuary Island and why?

That's such a tough one. I have a huge soft spot for Grady Wilkes, the first hero I fell in love with on the island. I adore how hard he's worked to leave behind the scars of his past--and how he just can't take that final step forward into happiness without Ella! But if I'm honest, my most favorite character on the island is probably the bratty, difficult teenager, Taylor McNamara. I know! She really struggles in the first book, and she causes some trouble, but her pain is so real to me. I'm very glad to say you'll be seeing more of Taylor in the coming books, and I promise she grows on you! My editor loves her so much, she wants her to have her own book.  

5. If you could bring any three fictional characters with you to a deserted island, who would you bring?
Oooh. Do I go for pleasure or practicality? I think I'd bring Roarke, from J.D. Robb's Eve Dallas series--he's charming, handsome, filthy rich, and he's from the future. I'm pretty sure he could get us rescued. And while we wait for Roarke's luxury hovercraft to pick us up, I'd be happy to talk books and philosophy with Jane Eyre and make up stories with Anne of Green Gables.

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  1. I love sister stories, too, and this sounds like a good one. Thanks for the review!


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