Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Literary Locale: Chocolate Chocolate

This is the first installment of my new feature, Literary Locale. Basically I want to tell you all about where I'm reading and if you're so inclined, feel free to grab the graphic and tell me about where you're reading either here in a comment or on your own blog.

So if you remember, a couple weeks ago, I reviewed Chocolate Chocolate by Frances Park and Ginger Park. I pretty much gushed over the book and went a little fan girl (confession: when I was at the library this weekend, I saw the book on the new book shelf and decided to turn it with the cover facing out to the world so someone might take more notice of it. Seriously, read this book!).

Anyhow, when I realized that the chocolate shop that the book was based on is right here in Washington, DC, I knew I had to go take a visit so just a bit ago, I did just that! I was lucky enough to be in the store while Frances was there so I got to meet her!

I had a really nice visit with her. Frances is just as sweet as her and her sister's book. We talked all about the book and she told me more about some of the characters in the book. It was so cool to be able to talk about the book with the author. This is really the first author that I've gotten to meet in person, definitely since beginning book blogging!!! So cool!

Of course there are copies of the books in the store. I bought my own and got Frances to sign the book.
Mmm, candy.

You can see that they were just starting to get ready for Valentine's (my valentine and I had an early Valentine's day celebration and yes, I did get a little something from Chocolate Chocolate. Happy day!!!)

Miles and miles of treats. Exactly how I like it.
Here's a picture of Frances and I.

Of course, I need to meet Ginger and to get her to sign my book :) All I can say is that I'm glad that I have a legit excuse to go back to the store and perhaps indulge in more chocolate.

Where are you reading this week?


  1. It's so lucky that the shop was in your very city! How amazing is that?

    I love it when authors turn out to be so friendly and pleasant, and even more so when they happen to own awesome chocolate shops :)

  2. Well gosh I didn't know about that shop! Next time I come home to see my family, I'm definitely making a pilgrimage!

    1. I had no idea that the shop was there either. Such a good surprise :)

  3. What a wonderful review! It is indeed a wonderful book..they know how to capture the reader's attention and emotion. Frances,Ginger, Skip, and Koomo are the sweetest!

    1. I only got to meet Frances and Koomo but they are so very nice!

  4. That's so neat that you got to visit the shop that the book is based on! All those pictures have my mouth watering for some chocolatey goodness now :)

    Oh! Also, you should link your review up to my Foodie February linky for a chance to win some foodie fiction!

    1. Yeah, every time I look at this post, I want more chocolate!!!

  5. What a nice post and how great you got to visit this lovely candy shop:0

  6. That is so cool you got to go there! The pictures are great too! It's funny that you are starting Literary Locale. Because I found you through the Historical Fiction Challenge. For the challenge I read a book about Ohio and I am in Ohio so I posted some pics relevant to the plot....the same concept you are using! It really brings a book to life!


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