Monday, December 26, 2011

Review: Code Blood by Kurt Kamm

Title: Code Blood
Author: Kurt Kamm
Publisher: MCM Publishing
Publish Date: October 31, 2011
Source: I received a copy from the Cadence Group; however, this did not affect my review.

Why You're Reading This Book:

  • You like a fast paced thriller.
What's the Story?: 

From "Colt Lewis, a rookie fire paramedic, is obsessed with finding the severed foot of his first victim after she dies in his arms. His search takes him into the connected lives of a graduate research student, with the rarest blood in the world and the vampire fetishist who is stalking her. Within the corridors of high-stakes medical research laboratories, the shadow world of body parts dealers, and the underground Goth clubs of Los Angeles, Lewis uncovers a tangled maze of needles, drugs and maniacal ritual, all of which lead to death. But whose death? An unusual and fast-paced LA Noir thriller."

My Two Cents:

Thrillers are not my usual fare but this one looked very intriguing so I was happy to get a chance to read the book! Colt is a pretty good guy. He's serious about his job and really seems to care about the people he is saving. He gets tangled in a mystery after a vehicle crash where a foot is missing and a vampire lover might have it.

Which brings me to Markus, the vampire fetishist, who totally freaked me out. This guy is not a good guy and furthermore, he's more than a little bit of a whack job. He really, really creeped me out a lot. And this is why I typically don't read thrillers, because of really astoundingly creepy characters like Markus! Some of the things that he does throughout the book may not be for those who don't have strong stomachs. Kamm definitely got me with this one.

The writing itself is great and definitely helps to draw you into the story. I thought that it would have helped to flesh out a couple of the sections such as why Colt is so drawn to the young woman that he tries to save whose foot is missing. 

All in all, this is a pretty solid book.


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