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Goddess Fish Book Tour Stop: True Surrender by Tracey Cramer-Kelly

Title: True Surrender
Author: Tracey Cramer-Kelly
Publisher: Self-Published
Publish Date: October 9, 2011
Source: Goddess Fish

Why You're Reading This Book:
  • You're a romance fan!
What's the Story?:

Blurb: "When Major Aaron Bricewick is rescued from Afghanistan terrorists, he thinks the worst is over. But his personal journey is just beginning... The first surprise is the amputation of one of his legs. The second is the woman he left behind, now a widow with a 4-year-old son - and his new prosthetist (artificial limb maker). He vows that losing his leg won't derail his career. But maintaining his outward appearance as a got-it-together officer becomes increasingly difficult as he faces one personal demon after another - and sees his career aspirations slipping away. And though he has no intention of expanding his life to include a woman, his heart has other ideas - and he finds himself questioning the very foundation of his personal beliefs. When violence - and unexpected redemption - touch his life again, Aaron must make a stand. Which will he choose: duty or love?"

My Two Cents:

Overall, I liked this book. It was different than a lot of other romance books that I've read in that it deals with some pretty heavy topics, mostly surrounding some of the issues that military personnel face when they come home from war. Aaron is one of the soldiers who unfortunately comes home with the effects of fighting a war showing. He loses his leg!

I really liked the characters of Holly and Aaron. Holly has a good heart but I do wish that we got to know a little more about her personality; I didn't feel like we got to know her as well as we get to know Aaron throughout the book. Aaron is incredibly strong. When he comes home from war, he's not willing to admit that he may need help. He tries to be brave and he's even trying to help some of his friends from the military.

There were a couple things that irked me a little bit. First, I'm wondering if there is going to be another edit of the book. There were a few mistakes that took away from the story. Also, Scott got way too religious for me. I wasn't really sure where that was going. Last, I wish there had been more of a conclusion about some of the bad things that Aaron finds out about the military. It would have been nice to have some closure. Even with these few things, this is still an ok read.

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More About the Author:

Tracey’s work fuses writing, music and visual imagery whenever possible, and includes
novels, short stories, essays and music videos. True Surrender is her second novel. Her
first, Last Chance Rescue, is an Indie Award finalist. Her first full-length music video,
The Rose (Surrender Version), includes scenes from True Surrender. Her writing draws
from her experience as an Army Reserve paramedic and helicopter pilot. When not
managing the family business, Leader Motorcycle Accessories, she enjoys motorcycling
and outdoor activities with her husband and two young children.

Web site/blog:
Book Trailer:


  1. Meg, I want to thank you for taking the time to read True Surrender and share your thoughts about the book.

    There is a book trailer as well as a full music video with scenes from the book at my web site:

    In honor of my first 'virtual' book tour, I'm giving away a t-shirt and 'Freedom Isn't Free' bracelets to randomly-drawn commentators during the tour.


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