Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What Did You Do on Small Business Saturday?

As some of you might be aware, this past Saturday was deemed Small Business Saturday. Even the President got into it! Even better, he visited one of my very favorite Indie bookstores here in DC, Kramerbooks!

AP picture from the event. I smile every time I go into Kramerbooks.

What better way to participate in Small Business Saturday than going to an Indie bookstore? Twitter rumor has it that one of the books that the Obamas bought was The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz. Good pick, good pick!

Did you participate in Small Business Saturday?


  1. I participated, though not at a bookstore. My family went up to the Apple Butter Festival nearby and spent the afternoon there.

  2. For Small Business Saturday I discovered a truly awesome used bookstore that I should have checked out ages ago. :] Found a book I had owned as a kid and haven't seen in many years. And the woman behind the counter was friendly and chatty! Very rewarding day.

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  4. Neat and very cool that the president visited Kramerbooks! I've always wanted to stop in, but somehow I can't ever find the time to get up that way. I'm sorry to say that, despite my good intentions, I didn't patronize a small business on Saturday... though in my defense, I didn't drop cash at any business that day! We were decorating for the holidays and pulling everything out of storage.

  5. @Sarah A festival dedicated to Apple Butter? That sounds awesome!

  6. @JoJoTheModern Gah, I love finding books that I loved a long time ago but had forgotten all about!

  7. @Meg Kramerbooks is awesome. The bookstore part is awesome on it's own but the cafe in the back is amazing (especially for dessert)!


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