Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reasons Why You Want To Enter The Veronica Li Giveaway

Guys, the entries for the Veronica Li giveaway are super low! Nightfall in Mogadishu and Journey Across Four Seas are really wonderful books.

To sweeten the deal, I'm leaving the giveaway open for another week. One of the conditions that I gave you is that you had to post a blurb by December 31st, I'll now give you until January 30, 2012 to do so. You can even just email me your blurb and I'll feature it on A Bookish Affair. Simple! And remember, you can post on Goodreads, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. You don't have to be a book blogger!

Here are 5 reasons that you may want to enter to read Nightfall in Mogadishu:
  1. It's a thriller!
  2. If you like characters that kick butts and take names, this book is for you!
  3. This book is based on some of the things that Veronica Li actually saw when she was in Somalia for work. What's cooler than a real story?
  4. How much do you know about Somalia now? You'll know much more after this book!
  5. Fall is the perfect time to curl up with a good page turner!
Here are 5 reasons that you may want to enter to read Journey Across Four Seas:
  1. It's a true story! You won't believe some of the things that the main character goes through!
  2. It's full of heart!
  3. This book's location is like a vacation in a book!
  4. This is a great family story that reads like a novel.
  5. This is definitely a cozy read to curl up with.


  1. I'll second that both books are amazing!

    I tweeted about the giveaway for you because, seriously, more people need to want to read these novels! (Could I make that statement any more convoluted?)!/ElleLitJP/status/131845017693208576


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