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HF Virtual Book Tour: The Highlander's Temptation by Eliza Knight

Title: The Highlander's Temptation
Author: Eliza Knight
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Self-published
Publish Date: February 21, 2014
Source: HF Virtual Book Tours

What's the Story?:

From "The long awaited prequel to the Stolen Bride Series!!!!

Desire tempted them, but love conquered all…

Laird Jamie Montgomery is a warrior with a mission. When he travels to the northern Highlands on the orders of William Wallace, temptation in the form of an alluring lass, could be his undoing.

Lady Lorna Sutherland can’t resist the charms of one irresistible Highlander. Though she’s been forbidden, she breaks every rule for the pleasure of his intoxicating embrace.

When their love is discovered, Jamie is tossed from Sutherland lands under threat of death. But danger can’t keep the two of them apart. No matter what perils may try to separate them—Lorna and Jamie swear they’ll find a way to be together."

My Two Cents:

"The Highlander's Temptation" is Eliza Knight's latest release in the Stolen Brides series. This book is a prequel to the entire series so you can definitely read this one first. Of course, I read all of the books in order and that is just fine as well. This book takes up the story of Jamie and Lorna, a couple whose love is very much firmly entrenched by the time the first book in the series opens.

I really liked the love story between Jamie and Lorna. In the first book in this series, they are very much secondary characters but the way that Knight wrote them, you definitely find yourself wanting to know more about their relationship so I was glad for this book so I could see how it all unfolded myself.

One thing that I have liked in the previous books and this book as well is how Knight was able to mix love, history, and a good dose of hotness in these books. It really made for a good read. I love reading about Scotland during this time period when it was going through so many changes and big personalities like William Wallace were around. Yes, these books are light but you might just learn a little something from them as well.

I have enjoyed this series very much and found this book to be a really good prequel to see where all of these love stories started. This book and really the whole series are perfect books to read when you're looking for a romance to relax with!

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