Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Literary Locale: My Vacation Spot

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So I'm back from vacation. I got lots of reading done while I was gone. It's so nice to be able to lay out in the warm sun and just get sucked into a good book. I had a great reading week. I read a total of four books and got part way through two more books. 

So where was my favorite place to read on vacation?

This place right here:
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Clear water. White sandy beaches. Lots of tropical vegetation. Gorgeous views. Yeah, it's all there. I sat myself in a beach chair and read almost an entire book in one sitting. 

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Where are you reading?


  1. Looks like heaven! Is there anything better than hunkering down in the warm sand with a good book? Any time I can plow through almost a whole novel in one sitting is a good time!

    1. Same here. I love being able to do that. It certainly doesn't happen enough!


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