Monday, May 6, 2019

Let's Sparkle!

One love of mine that probably doesn't come across that often on A Bookish Affair is the fact that I love jewelry, like really, really love jewelry. My four year olds will always tell me I'm missing my jewelry when I don't have any on (even if it's right after I wake up). This is why I was so excited that Anjolee, a jewelry company reached out to me to allow me to sample some of their gorgeous jewels in exchange for a review . While Anjolee has a ton of gorgeous styles in earrings, necklaces, and rings to choose from, I was really interested in the diamond drop earrings and there were so many to choose from!  With my love of history, it's probably not surprising that I love historically-inspired jewelry and so these are the ones I chose: Lucky Blossom Diamond Drop earrings. I love the art deco-ish design!

I received my earrings this weekend and the package was lovely. The earring box comes in a large blue box that just feels special. The earring box in itself is really wonderful: it's wood and has a small light that makes your jewelry glow. My sample earrings are silver and CZ but they are gorgeous and have a good weight to them. I have already worn them a couple days and got a lot of compliments on them. My earrings and many of the other designs come in different metals, different diamond weights, and different diamond qualities. The ability to customize your perfect piece of jewelry is really wonderful!

One of the things that I really like about Anjolee is not only is the jewelry gorgeous but they give you some nice options to make sure you get your perfect jewelry. For instance, you can virtually try on the jewelry using their 3D experience. Making a big purchase online can be a little scary but tools like this make it easier to ensure that you get something that you love! And if you don't, there is a great 30-day return policy! I am super happy with my earrings and I'm already eyeing my first real Anjolee piece!

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