Thursday, April 11, 2019

Review: Little Taco Truck by Tanya Valentine

Title: Little Taco Truck
Author: Tanya Valentine
Format: ARC
Publisher: Schwartz & Wade
Publish Date: April 2, 2019
Source: Publisher

What's the Story?:

From "Little Taco Truck serves up tasty treats to the hungry workers on Union Street . . . until one day, Miss Falafel shows up with her baked pita bread and crunchy chickpea fritters--and parks in his space. The next day, Miss Falafel is there again, and this time she's brought Gumbo Jumbo and Annie Arepas with her. Little Taco Truck's headlights dim. What if people like Gumbo Jumbo's spicy stew and Annie Arepas's warm cornbread cakes more than they like his tacos? When more trucks arrive the following day and there's no space left for Little Taco Truck, he swishes his wipers to hide his tears and heads home. At last, with some ingenuity and help from new friends, Little Taco Truck wins back his coveted parking spot. And guess what? There is room enough for everyone!"

My Two Cents:

"Little Taco Truck" is the story of a little taco truck just trying to find his place in the world when a bunch of other food trucks take his spot. He's left wondering if there is enough room for him. This is a cute story about there being room for everyone and about different cultures. I loved being able to talk about the different foods that appear in the book and what they taste like with my girls. My girls decided that they'd love to taste a lot of the foods in the book. This was such a fun way to introduce different cultures to them!

The illustrations in the book are really cute and super colorful! We all loved all of the bright colors! This book definitely kept our attention and made for a great bedtime story!

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  1. Another book I must see if my library has in the system. Thanks for the post!


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