Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Review: The Nocturnal Journal: A Late-Night Exploration of What's Really on Your Mind by Lee Crutchley

Title: The Nocturnal Journal: A Late-Night Exploration of What's Really on Your Mind
Author: Lee Crutchley
Format: ARC
Publisher: Tarcher Perigree
Publish Date: September 5, 2017 (Today!)
Source: Publisher

What's the Story?:

From Goodreads.com: "An engaging and emotionally aware resource for night owls, insomniacs, and anyone else who finds themselves awake at all hours, The Nocturnal Journal will help you explore what keeps you up at night, and why. Prompts and illustrations tease out the pressing thoughts, deep questions, everyday anxieties, and half-formed creative ideas that need unpacking and exploring, bringing more peace of mind and a richer understanding of ourselves."

My Two Cents:

"The Nocturnal Journal" is a great book for those who have trouble falling asleep and counting sheep won't begin to cut it. Do you wish you could turn your mind off or at least figure out why you're staring at the ceiling at two o'clock in the morning? This book is for you. It's a good resource and will hopefully give you some insight as to why sleep isn't coming easily for you.

This book is filled with a lot of different exercises to help you pinpoint why your mind won't rest. Each of the exercises is presented in an entertaining way so you'll hardly notice the book making your brain work (and hopefully get tired!!!). The exercises are fun and allow you to flex a bit of creative muscle, which I really liked!

As someone whose mind often seems to run on overdrive, this book was a good read for me. This book really allowed me to step out of worrying/ fixation mode and get into something more introspective and helpful - a definite bonus for me! This book would be perfect for your friend who complains about not being able to go right to sleep and is up all night!


1 comment:

  1. Sounds like something that may help me in the middle of the night. :-)
    sherry @ fundinmental


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