Sunday, February 16, 2014

Review: Romeo and Juliet Blu-ray

There is a good reason that Romeo and Juliet is a classic and continues to be performed on stage and made into movies. I just had a chance to watch the most recent addition to the Romeo and Juliet canon and I must tell you that I loved it.


This is a pretty traditional take on Romeo and Juliet. For my fellow costume drama lovers, there are absolutely gorgeous costumes. Ahhh, the hairstyles in this movie are absolutely amazing. I would love for someone to do my hair like some of the ladies in this story. The settings are also amazing and had me wanting to hop a plane back to Italy right away.

Romeo and Juliet is a timeless tale but this version still felt really fresh and exciting. I really liked some of the acting in this. I especially liked Paul Giamatti as Friar Laurence!

This movie can be both a welcome introduction to those that are new to Romeo and Juliet and a good reminder to those that already love the story as to why we love the story in the first place!


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