Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Olive Farm by Carol Drinkwater

Title: The Olive Farm
Author: Carol Drinkwater
Publisher: The Overlook Press
Source: Library

What's the Story?: 

From "When Carol Drinkwater and her fiancé, Michel, are given the opportunity to purchase ten acres of an abandoned olive farm in the South of France, they find the region's splendor impossible to resist. Using their entire savings as a down payment, the couple embark on an adventure that brings them in contact with the charming countryside of Provence, its querulous personalities, petty bureaucracies, and extraordinary wildlife. From the glamour of Cannes and the Isles of Leacuterins to the charm of her own small plot of land-which she transforms from overgrown weeds into a thriving farm-Drinkwater triumphantly relates how she realized her dream of a peaceful, meaningful life."

My Two Cents:

Guys, I think we all have a place that we dream about living out our days in. It might be a beach with an umbrella drink in our hands, a huge bookstore with big comfy chairs or a gorgeous mountain vista. For me, I think I want peace and quiet. I love, love, love city living right now but eventually, I'd love a slower pace of life. With this book, I think Ms. Drinkwater has me convinced that an olive farm would be the place to be.  

The book does drag on in some parts a little bit but I love reading memoirs of people who have been able to do what they wanted to do with their life so that kept me going. It's most definitely inspirational. Drinkwater paints a gorgeous picture of easy (and sometimes not so easy) living in gorgeous Southern France. This is really a vacation in a book. If you can't get away on vacation this summer, this book is just the prescription for you.

Bottom line: this book is a sweet escape!

My Review:
3.5 out of 5 stars

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?


  1. Sounds like a relaxing read, and that cover is so interesting! I love reading books where people chuck their current life and take the road not taken... you're right: it is inspirational!

    Though I love living in Maryland and it's always been home, I'm drawn (like so many) to California. I'm in love with London, too, so I guess that if I had to change my life completely, I'd probably head to England!

  2. Wow, Southern France...le sigh! Gotta love armchair traveling, no?

  3. What a perfect summer read! France seems to be a very popular destination for making life-changing decisions, at least in a lot of contemporary novels. Books where people do something extreme in order to follow a dream have always fascinated me. I lived in NYC for a while and absolutely loved it, but after a while I needed more space and calmer daily living!

  4. I have previously heard about this book but after your review I think I need to track it down.

    As for the question, I want to retire in Tasmania, Australia.

    It is where my husband is from and it is such a beautiful place, peaceful and so natural so one day...

  5. @Meg I'm way in love with London. I could totally see living there or maybe living someplace in the English countryside.

  6. @Kat P For sure! I love books that can carry you away!

  7. @Jenna (Literature and a Lens) I'm fascinated by books like that too. I'm generally pretty cautious about my own life so it's always interesting to see those stories of people who make big changes.

  8. @justonepageatatime I'm dying to go to Australia. There's so much that I'd love to see!


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