Monday, February 14, 2022

Bookish Thoughts: Recent Loves


Happy Monday and happy Valentine's Day! I was in training almost all last week and my brain is jelly. Here are a few bookish things I've loved over the past week:

  • This NYT opinion piece on the importance of not banning books by Viet Thanh Nguyen. Key Quote: "But those who seek to ban books are wrong no matter how dangerous books can be. Books are inseparable from ideas, and this is really what is at stake: the struggle over what a child, a reader and a society are allowed to think, to know and to question. A book can open doors and show the possibility of new experiences, even new identities and futures." Isn't that gorgeous?
  • On book bans, I also liked this Book Riot look at book banning and censorship outside of the United States (link)
  • How cute is this Books are Magic sweatshirt from Phenomenal? 
  • Story time: once upon a time, I randomly picked up a book from the library called Chocolate Chocolate, a memoir of two sisters who had a chocolate shop in Washington, D.C. I LOVED the book and had to go find the chocolate store and while I found really good chocolate, I also found some good friends in Frances and Ginger Park. I am SUPER excited that both of them have book releases this year and I loved this story about Ginger's latest The Hundred Choices Department Store.


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